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 Coaching Services



At times, a client may need a tune-up or have a more specific issue to work with that is outside of traditional framework. Theresa has miles of experience, an open and compassionate nature, and is a deep listener. She often hears what isn’t being said. When a client feels their creative flow is diverted and is looking for guidance and support in getting back on track, she can assist.

At times, a walk or overnight with Nature is the perfect tonic. Arrangements are tailored to a client’s needs.


An entrepreneur before reaching double digits, Theresa spearheaded highly successful reboot and reorganization projects for various businesses. Her professional career history includes employment in accounting and legal positions.  With an ethically creative and professionally strong background, she truly enjoys a worthwhile project. Have an interesting, rewarding venture requiring new vision or challenged on how best to move forward?  Discussion is welcome.

Licensed in Washington State, Theresa assists sellers in releasing and moving on to their next home or adventure.  Her goal is to sell properties she loves, and connecting a buyer with the perfect property. Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, she sold three family homes and a business.  She has an affinity for pre-1970’s homes, vacation homes, and commercial properties.

While providing any type of service, privacy and confidentiality is always honored and upheld.

Calling in The One

Calling in the One is a 7-week deep dive into, “Who am I? Who am I becoming? And how do I best prepare for fulfilling, intimate relationships?” Theresa successfully partners with clients who identify and release old relationship patterns. Upon freeing outworn behaviors, clients locate and establish generative and potent manners of self-expression moving forward.  Mentored and certified (2011) by the creator, Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT.

Conscious Uncoupling™

Conscious Uncoupling is a 5-week, elegant framework for navigating breakup and relationship transition. Theresa aids in a rewarding process of careful and thoughtful inquiry and pattern recognition. While taking personal responsibility, clients learn to re-frame breakups, thus discovering their “Happily Even After”. Mentored and certified (2016) by the creator, Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT.

Conscious Uncoupling is a unique and powerful tool for growth and relationship evolution.  

This program is transformational and may be applied to a variety of situations:  break-ups, family dynamics, career transition, lifestyle alteration, or physical relocation. The possibilities are endless.

Conscious Uncoupling teaches a client to listen more deeply while recognizing covert behaviors and unconscious roles, playing in the background of relational engagement. Clients learn graceful strength while moving away from attachment and victimhood.  Integrated new ways of being and an enhance depth of presence herald forward movement and future-facing actions.

All of Life is relational. Relationships are agreements between individuals – whether intimate or more friendship in nature. Relationships also belong to the community at large.  Healthy relationship modeling is imperative to the evolution of a kinder, gentler, and wiser future.